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Medieval Church and Culture Seminar


Convenors: Margaret Coombe (LMH), Brian FitzGerald (Lincoln), Conor O’Brien (Queen’s), Elizbeth Russell (Oriel), Lesley Smith (HMC)

TUESDAYS at 5pm in the Carpenter Room, Harris Manchester College. All welcome.

Week 1(24 April)
Paul Hyams
Disputes and how to avoid them: Charters and Custom in England during the long 12th Century

Week 2 (1 May)
Peter Biller
'Cathars' in the middle of the thirteenth century: in what sense 'international'?

Week 3 (8 May)
Miguel Ayres de Campos
Marvel Made Miracle: Rhetoric and Visual Experience in the 'Marvels of the East'
Meredith Ryan
Demonology and demonic imagery in Romanesque Burgundy

Week 4 (15 May)
Marco Prost
Guile and disguise in the French and Welsh 'Boeve of Hampton'
Thomas Hoctor
Power and honour in Iceland in the Sturlung Age

Week 5 (22 May)
Mary Boyle
Post-Death Conversion in 'St Erkenwald' and the Munich 'Oswald'
Chloe Parker
Making a Mark: Burial Mounds and Stone Monuments in Anglo-Saxon England

Week 6 (29 May)
Gustav Zamore
The Encounter with God in the writings of Bonaventure and Dante
Jennifer Atwood
Illuminating Devotion: The Relationship between Text and Image in the 'Littlemore Anselm'

Week 7 (5 June)
Meghan Quinlan
Texts, Performative Context and Dissemination of a Medieval Melody
Sarah Kim
Senses and devotion in the Book of Holy Medecines

Week 8 (12 June)
Emily Kesling
Mental Maladies in Old English Remedy Collections

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