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Seminars in Medieval Economic and Social History

Convenors: John Blair and Ian Forrest

WEDNESDAYS at 5pm in the MacGregor Room, Oriel College.

WEEK 1 (25 April)
Helena Hamerow
The 'Origins of Wessex' pilot project: the archaeology of the upper Thames valley, c. 400-800

WEEK 2 (2 May)
Ros Faith and Debby Banham
Ploughs and farms: recent work on Anglo-Saxon farming

WEEK 3 (7 May)
Paul Harvey
How to run your landed estate in 11th-century England

WEEK 4 (16 May)
Catherine Casson
'To be strong... better to keep our laws and peace and support our markets': reputation and economic performance in medieval London, Leicester and Norwich

WEEK 5 (23 May)
James Davis
'Gož or wey, corn is dere!': attitudes towards grain traders in fourteenth-century England

WEEK 6 (30 May)
Agostino Inguscio
Violence, politics and trade in a Mediterranean city: Genoa between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

WEEK 7 (6 June)
David Mattingly
After the Garamantes: a socio-economic study of a central Saharan oasis AD 400-1900

WEEK 8 (13 June)
Shami Ghosh
Rural economies and transitions to capitalism: Germany and England compared

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